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Following years of economic depression and mobilization for war, it was hard for the nightclub owners in Paris to turn away the new German visitors who constituted a suddenly prosperous clientele Cointet, , As Alan Riding points out, the sight of half-naked women dancing in the reopened nightclubs during the summer of and thereafter for many soldiers "was the best reason for going out at night.

Officers used separate brothels in contrast to the lower ranking German soldiers Adler, , These brothels attracted a mixed crowd of German officers, French collaborators, clandestine resistance agents, black market operators, and artists of all kinds, including women. Selected brothels in larger cities and under medical supervision were made available to German military personnel with access to them forbidden to French civilians, other than the prostitutes themselves. Germans were forbidden to frequent brothels apart from than those especially designated for them.

The prostitutes were to be checked by local doctors under the supervision of German hygiene officials and signs were to be posted outside brothels indicating that they were either restricted to German soldiers or forbidden to them. Jewish and other "alien race" prostitutes were not allowed to serve German personnel. Prostitutes were to be examined twice weekly by medical personnel and those deemed healthy were issued numbered inspection cards which they were to present to their clients.

Control of nightclubs also became politicized during the Occupation. Not surprisingly, resentments grew among the local population. In one incident, in which German officers were frolicking with the women of a brothel, the officers decided to start up a nearby pickup truck. In the truck, however, was a concealed delayed action bomb. It exploded killing three of the women and two of the officers. German soldiers also frequented gay bars.

Alan Riding writes that "numerous gay bars in occupied Paris were popular with German soldiers," despite official prohibition of homosexuality. Robert Hugues-Lambert, an actor, was arrested in Le Sans-Soucis, a gay bar, and ultimately died in a German concentration camp Riding, , France, to some, had become soft and effeminate in contrast to the masculine and more robust societies represented by Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.

With the birthrate stalled in the late Third Republic, people from a variety of political backgrounds had criticized what they saw as a loss of virility in France Buisson, , The arrival of the German soldiers, who frequently were seen shirtless, and the Nazi cult of the masculine body drew similar comments from a variety of people in France Buisson, , Simone Kaminker, later known as Simone Signoret, made a similar observation in the small Breton town of Saint-Gildas where she and her mother had taken refuge.

A week after their arrival, she added: " I no longer can go out on the sidewalk without seeing the Germans pass. They drive as if at home, as tourists. All the girls run after them " 7 Moret, , 58, quoted in Buissson, , With the departure of the Germans following the Liberation some two weeks later, the sense of emasculation in France played a role in the treatment of women accused of having had sexual relations with them. Fabrice Virgili has shown that some 20, women, many falsely accused, had their hair shorn or worse by crowds, sometimes protected by the authorities in newly liberated France Virgili, Writing about gender and prostitution during the Occupation, Adler addressed the attacks on women accused of having had sexual relations with Germans in noting that.

The arrival of large numbers of American soldiers during the second half of produced sexual tensions reminiscent of the recently ended German occupation. The mayor of Le Havre, for example, complained of "scenes contrary to decency" in the streets of his city and asked the American authorities to establish brothels outside town. There was also a racial dimension as African American soldiers received very different treatment than did whites from the American military authorities. They seem also to have been subjected to more severe complaints by the French as well Schuessler, However, it also expressed a sense of emasculation tied to the loss of power with regard to the Germans.

As with the women who had affairs with German soldiers, Brasillach, according to Alice Kaplan, who wrote about his trial and execution, was cast as a "horizontal" collaborator Kaplan, , p. The manifold and sexualized reciprocal imagery and behavior of both Germans and French both in wartime during the s and during the construction of Europe in the years since may serve as a reminder of the intersections among war, tourism, and erotics in general.

The phenomena of the shorn women as well as the crimes of rape, both during and after the Occupation, transcend but are linked to the erotic tourist imaginaries relating to World War II France, connections that call for further research Branche and Virgili, , Lastly, it has been pointed out that some young post-Liberation French soldiers accompanied the invading forces of the Allies, pushing deep into Germany to conquer the Wehrmacht, but were only really interested in German women, another area that calls for more study.

Adler, K. Adorno, T. Bernstein, London and New York, Routledge. Amirou, R. Amouroux, H. Beauvoir de, S. Berthelot, J. Bishop, M. Boegner, P. Boyer, M. Branche, R. Buisson, P. Burrin, P. Butler, R. Chesnel, M. Cointet, M. Franklin, A.

Volatile Disposition Archives

Gildea, R. Gordon, B. Graburn, N. Herzog, D. The situation in Hokkaido only worsens, as JSDF forces find themselves either missing or dead across the island's Northern and Eastern areas, retreating to Sapporo to prevent any further damage.

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The Japanese government begins a mass evacuation of Hokkaido residents to the Southwest, Sapporo and Hakodate taking in large amounts of evacuees. They also acknowledge the highly unusual nature of individuals affected by the apparent Mass Rabies syndrome, now renamed Insanity Syndrome. The organisation, gradually recovering from the mass exodus of members during the s, begins to pick up power again, although it has yet to pick up any influential world powers among those rejoining it.

The Republic of Panama, reformed after American intervention in the country, immediately sets about neutralising Federation forces in Occupied Nicaragua and ridding the land within its borders of Federation elements. S Government. The Lower Islamic Union, pushed to the very edge with little to no access to any trade routes and collapsing in on itself, finally surrenders following the American capture of Lome. Following this, the Holy State of Sarahwi and Morocco also capitulates.

The decision for the post-war settlement has yet to be decided by the victors. With 1. Elsehwhere, in Arabia, the Medina stronghold finally collapses to Democratic Arabian Forces troops as the Arabian Civil War comes to an end with a decisive Democratic victory. Africa and the Middle East are finally at peace after more than a century of constant war. Alexi Borodin launches an ambitious attack on the State of Siberia's government, killing the President of Siberia and destabilising the country to the point that it is on the brink of non-existence.

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Western Russian forces march into Norosibrsk as the 13th Parallel begins to take violent control of the country, allegations of Chinese funding coming into play. The control of nuclear weapons in Siberia becomes tenuous, with no party able to control the country's numerous nuclear facilities from the Cold War.

Global Cooling continues across the world. The Maldives re-emerge from the Indian Ocean, and the event is celebrated by millions across Asia as a sign of good things to come. The islands remain deserted as of current, but they continue to rise above dropping sea levels. Elsewhere, the elevated neighbourhoods of San Francisco find themselves higher and higher above water, with the elevation and dykes built in the city seeming increasingly unnecessary.

Singapore's Chinatown also becomes dry land for the first time in fourty years.

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The 'zombie apocalypse' in Hokkaido comes to a head as JSDF forces buckle under siege, but hold out, protecting Sapporo and most of Southwestern Hokkaido from nanobot-infected hordes. Taichi Kudo, the last remaining member of the Japanese Scientific Association outside of Japanese government jurisdiction, becomes part of the U. S Task Force to investigate and hopefully stop the infection. This may be too late, however, as several incidents are reported in China of a similar nature as to that of the first infection in Tomamu.

The document is a guideline for the next decades in the region's future. The stock markets in Europe gain traction as the wars the ATO have been embroiled in mostly end, but elsewhere, Asia does not look good.

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With an entire major country collapsing, airlines are yet again forced to switch back to routes over the Indian Ocean, as are most commercial aircraft, to avoid the chaos of the 13th Parallel in the State of Siberia. The Japanese economy stagnates due to the fiasco in Hokkaido, and the Eastern Russian Republic experiences an influx of Hokkaido immigrants. The nanobot infection in China continues to spread unabated with large-scale incidents of violence and thousands of deaths in Beijing.

The Chinese Premier is apparently infected as images show a rabid Premier walking on the streets of the Chinese capital. Elsewhere, the People's Liberation Army refuses to blockade Beijing and facilitate an evacuation as the Communist Party of China erupts into total chaos. The establishment of the Final Agreement on Partition and Occupation of North Africa promotes stability in the region as investors and economic migrants from the United Kingdom and Germany flock to the region, where American, British, French, Northwest African and Tunisian occupation zones make immense economic growth seem highly likely.

The region starts to become host to multiple companies, Nigeria, the most liberalised out of all of them, getting the bulk of the nations. The South American War goes smoothly as for the first time in two decades, no major Federation force threatens Mexico or most of Central America. The Federation continues to find itself surrounded on all sides, losing its most major source of arms and funding, ISAWA.

China continues a one-man army to supply the Federation, with Chinese ships belligerently flouting US sanctions to send arms to the Federation. Chilean troops continue to advance North as Chile is mostly cleared of Federation elements.

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The system appears quiet, but further launches suggest that the Federation is beginning to arm the system with Kinetic Energy Missiles, which are satirised due to their similarity to the in-game event from Call of Duty: Ghosts, released in Abu-Ismail Al Bagdadhi is found guilty of War Crimes at the Accra War Crimes Tribunal, and is sentenced to death for counts of violations of human rights, inciting violence, among others.

He is executed in Accra for the populace of the former Lower Islamic Union to see. The Chinese government collapses, with a military junta taking power in Manchuria and multiple state governments in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong taking 'temporary' power, plunging the country into warlord martial law.


The nanobot infection spreads out of Beijing without military intervention, parts of the PLA pledging allegiance to the Manchurian-led government, while others come under the control of their local governments. Inner Mongolia, Southern Manchuria, and Tianjin all report cases of infection. The Western and Eastern Russian interventions in Siberia amount to nothing as the Thirteenth Parallel is still able to wreak havoc on the country, Zabalyasky Krai and Lower Siberia being pulled into the conflict. Alexi Borodin continues to lead the paramilitary groups of Siberia, now loosely linked together as the 'United Slavic Liberation Front'.

MI6 and GCHQ attempts to find nuclear facilities continue to be dismal failures, with few found and many of the over 3, remaining still unfound. The American Conservative Party begins to take a hard-right turn as several members lament the passage of the 30th Amendment. The Confederate Sympathy movement begins to grow again, with incidents of discriminatory actions beginning to happen in the American South. Japanese-Russian tensions flare, with international media condemning Eastern Russia for refusing to accept Hokkaido refugees. In particular, Taichi Kudo refuses to continue cooperation with the United States of America unless they can guarantee that no further information will be shared with Eastern Russia.

Protests occur in Tokyo, advocating for taking in refugees, with many questioning why the government has yet to push back through nanobot-infected cities. Iraq, a stable producer and exporter of hyrdocarbons, becomes destablized after Kurdish militias demand Iraqi Kurdistan be absorbed into the Republic of Kurdistan.

The nanobotlia infection spreads through Hubei as Tianjin authorities, embroiled in a war between angry protesters, their own police forces and a rampaging virus outbreak, fail to prevent nanobots from reaching Tianjin Harbor. Korea closes off its borders to China as it struggles to keep up with incoming Chinese refugees, increasing worries that this could cause the virus to become waterborne as infected vessels capsize in port. The concerted Russian efforts against the 13th Parallel begin to bear fruit as the organisation loses massive amounts of fighters off the Eastern Russian border in what becomes known as the Battle of Fences.

However, the organisation is far from done, as revelations by MI6 reveal that the 13th Parallel is being funded by the Federation, and independent Russian shell companies off in the Arctic. Global Cooling continues, albeit gradually slowing, as large ice sheets float down off the Eastern Coast of the United States.

The Arctic and Antarctic Ice Sheets begin to start growing again, much to the pleasure of climate scientists across the world, who celebrate. However, Shanghai-led forces begin stacking troops on the Guangzhou border in Fujian, which is met with an equal reaction. The situation continues to become more tense. With Indian assistance, Western China begins to stabilize itself, although relief is far, far away. Occupied Sudan sparks into open rebellion against South Sudan, attempting to take the reins of the Christian-majority nation for themselves after humiliation by the country decades earlier.

Bloodshed occurs across the country as it makes a rallying cry to take back its nation from South Sudanese forces, overwhelmed by the sudden rebellion. At the same time, the International Association of Christian groups denounces South Sudan and declares them the antithesis of God's will, cutting support to South Sudan from international charities. A coalition of independent Chinese states sign the Confederative Declaration of Shanghai, leading to tensions between the Shanghai Coalition and Democratic South China.

Several small border conflicts between the two lead to an all out war, prompting other Chinese states to join opposing sides, and most states excluding West China and Inner Mongolia get into a conflict, aptly named the Second Chinese Civil War. The East African Economic Pact sends in forces to back the militias, while the United Nations sends peacekeepers to attempt to maintain peace in the disintegrating nation.

The virtual reality "bubble" crashes, as dozens of VR startups go bankrupt, and stocks of various tech companies dip, causing some small economic fallout. The DJIA drops to 52,, a loss of 3. American usage of 'sims' elicit international outcry as the system not only proves ineffective but also sparks debate on the intelligence and human rights granted to robots and artificial intelligence. A 9th Circuit Judge, Roland Weisler, strikes down the practice as unconstitutional and as a violation of human rights, stopping the practice for now.

Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan officially form the Group of Three, a table through which the three nations communicate their intentions and act on each others' interests. This comes as allegations of Iranian assistance of the 13th Parallel begin to appear, although they have yet to be definitively proven. The G3 elects to assist the Shanghai Confederation in the Chinese Civil War, sending assistance to the countries in the form of small arms and motorised infantry. The 13th Parallel itself finally collapses but not without a bang.

Allegations that Alexi Borodin himself is actually Russian are proven true, causing the paramilitary groups in Siberia to begin infighting as Borodin commits suicide. Several of the paramilitary groups begin using disarmed ICBMs as kinetic weapons, sending the non-nuclear payloads into the upper Atmosphere only for them to come back down on the former State of Siberia.

None of these hit Eastern or Western Russian forces, but a spectacular and rather horrifying show of a hundred or so disarmed ICBMs launching into the sky and coming down upon other paramiltary groups become known as the Fireworks of Insanity. The war begins to heat up as troops stare each other down along former provincial borders, with former comrades now staring each other down their Coyote sights. His escape becomes widely panned as an embarassing failure by the FBI, but what he leaves behind in American possession is of far greater interest. He leaves behind the blueprints for an electromagnetic pulse device and a detailed explanation of how the malfunctioning nanobots react to heat and sonic pulses, with warnings that any attempt to 'burn' or 'blast' out the infection are likely to be utter failures.

Halfway across the globe, China fares no better. British attempts to kill the 'zombies' with a premature designation of the infection are also covered in what becomes known as the 'Kudo Documents', with him writing that British experimentation on 'zombies' will get them the DNA of typical humans. Several times he mocks the United Kingdom for what he describes as 'clear and utter stupidity, an arrogance to behold'.

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The formation of the Russian Union marks the first unitary organisation in the former Russian Federation in decades. The Central African Republic's militias continue to push through the country as the war comes to an utter stalemate, with UN peacekeepers operating out of Maghrebi-held towns.

The UN-held cities become safe havens for escaping refugees, although others escape to the CAR's neighbours, beginning a migrant crisis. The war, in the words of Washington Post journalist Anders Johansson, is 'heating up'. Democratic Arabia begins to open up relations with Iran and Israel, with the country making large overtures to both countries.

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  • This is marked by a notable balancing of Israeli-Palestinian relations, with the country relating to both similarly. The United States continues to be humiliated as the 'fugitive' Kudo uploads a computer virus into the internet, spreading first by social media before eventually reaching the devices of the U. The virus wipes almost all information about him from databases, and spreads internationally as well, hindering the international search for him.

    At the same time, Japanese efforts slowly chug along in Hokkaido, barely succeeding as their new EMP device lends way to easier nullification of the nanobotlia. Special Operations units in Hokkaido travelling deep into infected areas begin to discover a trail of what appears to be specialised EMP devices, with rescued civilians along the trail speaking of an elderly man travelling along the road protecting them.

    This is suspected to be Kudo, as the trail leads to the epicentre of the Japanese virus - Tomamu, Hokkaido. The Siberian Conflict ends as the last of paramilitary groups are finally put down. However, with the Siberian government all but collapsed, it remains to be seen what exactly is to be done in the State of Siberia. At the same time, Iranian support of the paramilitary groups is finally revealed by the Eastern Russian Intelligence Agency. Iran, while apologising for their support, makes no material actions towards the Eastern Russian nation.

    Elsewhere, the world's problems continue. In China, the nanobotlia infection is all but rampant, with it spreading out of Inner Mongolia and into Western Mongolia, while it continues on into Northeast China. Category: Security. Close menu. Elections press tool kit. Close Press room. Weekly agenda. New Parliament. Close the navigation Menu. Access to search field. Launch the search. Close the search field.

    Dispositions Futures (French Edition) Dispositions Futures (French Edition)
    Dispositions Futures (French Edition) Dispositions Futures (French Edition)
    Dispositions Futures (French Edition) Dispositions Futures (French Edition)
    Dispositions Futures (French Edition) Dispositions Futures (French Edition)
    Dispositions Futures (French Edition) Dispositions Futures (French Edition)
    Dispositions Futures (French Edition) Dispositions Futures (French Edition)
    Dispositions Futures (French Edition) Dispositions Futures (French Edition)
    Dispositions Futures (French Edition) Dispositions Futures (French Edition)

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