Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body

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Those kinds of pointless emotions only trigger stress responses that make it harder to heal.

What I am saying is that your body is your business, and you can take active measures to influence whether you get — and stay — optimally well. Too many patients just hand their bodies over to doctors the way they hand their cars over to mechanics. But unlike cars, our bodies do know how to heal themselves, at least a percentage of the time, and we can make changes in our lives to reduce stress responses and increase relaxation responses, thereby making our bodies ripe for miracles.

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You can do this by either reducing stress responses or increasing relaxation responses — or ideally both! So how do you reduce stress responses? How do you increase relaxation responses? Your Inner Pilot Light will help you assess what in your life is triggering your stress responses. Is it your toxic marriage? Your soul-sucking job? Your two hour commute? Your nagging mother-in-law? Your chaotic living environment?

Your anxiety or depression? Your pessimistic way of viewing the world? Which scientifically-proven techniques for activating relaxation responses will work for you? Creative expression? Playing with animals?

Can the mind really heal the body?

Engaging in work you love? Getting a hug? Being with friends? Seeing an alternative medicine practitioner? Then comes the brave part — putting your personal treatment plan into action! When you do, you make your body ripe for miracles.

How to Heal Your Body With Your Mind in 5 Different Ways - Operation Meditation

Anything — including spontaneous remission — is possible. How do you plan to do that? If everyone involved in the health care system — patients and health care providers alike — expanded how they view health in the way I teach in Mind Over Medicine, our entire health care system would start to shift.

But the responsibility for healing health care lies not just with doctors, but with patients. If, instead of mindlessly handing our bodies over to doctors, we viewed illness as an opportunity to bring our lives back into alignment with our truth, illness would become a compass leading directly to our true north. As a patient, you must trust that you have within you natural self repair mechanisms that are under the control of your mind.

It requires healing the doctor-patient relationships and reclaiming the heart of medicine.

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I know it seems hopeless to think that health care can reclaim its heart, but just like I believe there are no incurable illnesses, I also believe there are no incurable systems. In the documentary I Am, filmmaker Tom Shadyac shared that when animals decide to switch watering holes , it all starts with a shift of consciousness.

You can help! Join the revolution to Heal Health Care Now. And buy Mind Over Medicine here , not just for yourself, but for your family, your doctor, and anyone else who might help heal care. Be the love you wish to see in health care, and miracles really are possible. Lissa Rankin, M. Her research led her to discover that patients have self-healing powers beyond our wildest imaginings, which we can effectively manipulate with the mind. Ten days after the first dose of Krebiozen, Mr. Wright left the hospital, apparently cancer free. Wright, who trusted what he read in the literature, fell into a deep depression, and his cancer came back.

This time, Dr. West, who genuinely wanted to help save his patient, decided to get sneaky. He told Mr. Wright—that some of the initial supplies of the drug had deteriorated during shipping, making them less effective, but that he scored a new batch of highly concentrated, ultra-pure Krebiozen, which he could give him. Of course, this was a bold-faced lie. West then injected Mr. Wright with nothing but distilled water. And a seemingly miraculous thing happened—again.

The tumors melted away, the fluid in his chest disappeared, and Mr. Wright was feeling great again for another two months. Then the American Medical Association blew it by announcing that a nationwide study of Krebiozen proved that the drug was utterly worthless. This time, Mr.

Wright lost all faith in his treatment. His cancer came right back, and he died two days later. She was the third of three girls delivered that day by a midwife who proclaimed that all three girls, born on such a fateful day, were hexed. The first, she announced, would die before her 16th birthday. The second would not survive her 21st. And the patient in question was told she would die before her 23rd birthday. The first two girls died within one day of their 16th and 21st birthdays, respectively.

The third woman, terrified that she would die on her 23rd birthday, showed up at the hospital the day before her birthday, hyperventilating. Examination of these women found nothing physically wrong with their eyes. One of her personalities was diabetic, while another was not.

Her blood sugars would be normal when she was in her non-diabetic personality, but then when she shifted into her diabetic alter ego, her blood sugars rose, and all medical evidence demonstrated that she was diabetic. When her personality flipped back to the non-diabetic counterpart, her blood sugars normalized.

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  • How To Use Your Mind To Heal Your Body.

Psychiatrist Bennett Braun, author of The Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder , describes the case of Timmy, who also had multiple personalities. One personality was allergic to orange juice, and when this personality drank orange juice, Timmy would break into blistering hives. However, another personality was able to drink orange juice uneventfully. If the allergic personality was in the midst of an allergy attack and he shifted back to the non-allergic personality, the hives would disappear instantly.

Stamatis Moraitis was a Greek war veteran who was living in the United States when he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and told he had only 9 months to live. He and his wife moved into a small house on a vineyard with his elderly parents, where he reconnected with his faith and started going to his old church. When his friends got wind of the fact that Stamatis was back home, they showed up with bottles of wine, books, and board games to entertain him and keep him company.

Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body

He planted vegetables in a garden, basked in sunshine, savored the salty air, and relished in his love for his wife. Six months passed, and not only did he not die, he was actually feeling better than ever. He took a lot of naps, rarely looked at a watch, and spent a lot of time outdoors.

How to heal your body using your mind

At one point, 25 years after his diagnosis, Stamatis went back to the United States to ask his doctors what had happened. Apparently, the doctors were all dead.

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Stamatis finally died this year in Ikaria. He was years old. As she travelled to the other side, she was able to look down upon her loved ones, even though some of them were not in the same room with her. Her heart was filled with a feeling of profound unconditional love , and she was happy to be free of her dying, tumor-riddled body. Then she was told that she had a choice. She could stay in the white light and die, or she could go back and share her story with others. Her body had been in so much pain, and her soul had been suffering.

But she was told that if she came back, her cancer would be cured. She believed what she was told, and felt called to come back so she could share her experience.

Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body
Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body
Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body
Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body
Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body
Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body

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