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Man shooting a beautiful cactus landscape at Real de Catorce desert in San Luis Potosi, Mexico

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Purple + Yellow

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"My shoes are yellow."

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Mescaline Sombrero

For fabric design, cloth, wallpaper, decorating Evgeniya Chertova Fotolia. Peyote cactus cute kawaii linear character bsd Fotolia. Blackboard with the chemical formula of Mescaline Zerbor Fotolia. The cat waters an unusual cactus in a pot. Next page. Get 10 Adobe Stock images with your free day trial. Stock like only Adobe can. Business Modern work spaces. Food Flavours for every taste.

Travel Passport to inspiration. Pets Beloved furry friends. Family Moments with loved ones. Just to clarify, the color has to agree with the noun it is modifying, right?

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So it's "los zapatos amarillos," but "las camisas amarillas. I wonder if the place Amerillo has a historical link to America's spanish colonial past.

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Some kind of yellow plains reference perhaps Make sense? I'm confused. In an earlier question, there was the distinction between "my purple hat" and "my hat is implied: the color purple", where the color purple is a noun and doesn't agree with the subject hat, so "mi sombrero es purpura" not "mi sombrero es purpuro" This looks to me like the same construction, but here yellow DOES have to agree with the shoes.

Somos is the conjugation for "we," so if you said "Somos amarillos" you would be saying that not only are your shoes yellow, but you are too. Get started.

MY FIRST SAN PEDRO EXPERIENCE! Mescaline Trip Report - Story Time

Topic: Spanish. July 10, MauriceReeves Would "Los zapatos de mios son amarillos" also be accepted or is that too awkward? July 6, Mis zapatos son de color amarillo.

Mescaline Sombrero Mescaline Sombrero
Mescaline Sombrero Mescaline Sombrero
Mescaline Sombrero Mescaline Sombrero
Mescaline Sombrero Mescaline Sombrero
Mescaline Sombrero Mescaline Sombrero
Mescaline Sombrero Mescaline Sombrero
Mescaline Sombrero Mescaline Sombrero
Mescaline Sombrero Mescaline Sombrero
Mescaline Sombrero

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