The Fire, the Sword and the Devil

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After the demon is defeated, Alastor is returned to Enzo along with the rest of the Devil Arms. Alastor also appears as one of the final weapons for Date Masamune in Sengoku Basara 2 , and there are six copies of Alastor that Date Masamune can use. Alastor appears as a craftable weapon for palicoes by using 2 "Amulet Keepsake"s from the mission "Gravios May Cry".

Alastor, along with DMC Dante costume can be crafted with materials and Red Orbs obtained by playing an event mission.

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In this respect, it often referred to Zeus , the lightning god. In Christian demonology, it became the chief executioner of Hell.

Red Sonja: She-Devil With a Sword Vol. 5: World On Fire

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I am Alastor. The weak shall give their heart and swear their eternal loyalty to me. Contents [ show ]. Main article: Blade Master Alastor. It only obeys commands of the chosen one. Hence, the powers of the Alastor do not work effectively against the Plasma. Dmc wasn't the only stupid choice. Wtf it has to do with Trish's using Sparda? DmC and DMC1 has nothing to do with each other. Also why would she use Alastor while she co Categories :.

Cancel Save. Quickly slash the enemies in front of you 4 times before you slash down with great power. Built on bludgeoned blues and filled with low-rent hedonism, this rarities compilation is party music for burnouts. Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 19, Deal Thy Fate by Castle. Bandcamp Album of the Day Oct 15, Burst Into Flame by Haunt.

A molten love-letter to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, by way of molten stoner metal and classic doom. Explore music. Tags metal traditional heavy metal angel sword heavy metal nwobhm nwothm traditional heavy metal traditional metal Helsinki.

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Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 19, go to album. I think that is all. Is there anything else or any parts of the map that I haven't explored yet by the sounds of it? I was wondering if there was any sort of bucket above the golden level that I never found. I swear I must've checked every corner of the map but haven't found anything?

Am I missing an area? I loved this game so much! There are no other endings either right? I don't normally play video games and so I was searching for something fun and really really loved this. The atmosphere is really creepy and well-made. Loved it! That's awesome!!!

I managed to finally find and beat the second ending which was a lot of fun.

From what I saw on a YouTube walkthrough, I think the answer is no! It is definitely fun to know you found the key though. My boyfriend and I enjoy it very much. We are on day 25? I think and trying to find the golden bucket and figure out how to take out the sword. Cool game! Dang, yeah that's a little exploit.

I'll try to come up with a fix for that in the next update! Thanks for letting me know :. I'm also surprised the UI didn't completely break at the resolution you're playing at! Thanks for playing! Only problem, and maybe I'm just missing something, but there doesn't seem to be a way to Quit the game, not even by hitting Esc.

Oh thats very strange. If you hit ESC it should bring up the game menu, where you can quit! I can look into that in case theres something wrong with the inputs. I see the problem. It's me. Despite hitting Z to start and getting the menu to start playing, I forgot that pressing Z to start actually means 'bring up the menu' when it was time to quit the game. Sorry for that but thank you for taking the interest in my issue! I love the concept of this game so much, especially the pixellated style and 3D distorted effect.

I was wondering if I could make an artists reimagining of it for a school portfolio? I'd absolutely love that! Feel free to share it around online too, if you end up going through with it. Aaa thanks for releasing the process of creating this game. Not only is it super interesting to see your thought process, but it will help me a lot with that project I mentioned months ago! I am currently trying to get it approved by my teacher, who's kind of on my case about some copyright issues of recreating TDHM. She's afraid of my concept art being too similar to yours, so the PDF offers some good proof that nothing will be plagiarized.

I'm very glad to see that you are expanding on the game! I LOVE this game. It has great potential where it's going. Perhaps you could add in some lore to explain why the character is being haunted. Just a suggestion. Thank you so much! I'm not guaranteeing there will be any direct answers, but there will be some more lore in the next update! This is a really good game. I love it. What can I say? The slow dwindling of resources really ramps up the pressure too, as the deer population decreases and you start wondering whether you can actually live long enough to escape this nightmare.

Being haunted by the shadows of the recent past as well as by the main demon itself is a nice touch too, ghosts appearing in certain areas, the poor dead chap with his gun by his side, the skinned deer near our house You've really created a mini gem of a game here, and I had loads of fun playing it, even during the frustrating moments I was motivated to carry on!

Keep up the awesome work, this was a blast! This was honestly a really fun game, I loved everything about it, I usually don't play exploration games, but this was a nice change of pace while still having me run for my life lol.

Really thoroughly enjoyed the Game. Thank you for such a good time. Been trying to figure out what this deal is with the Fox though, for the last couple of hours.

The Demon Sword

I have given it the appropriate game 'Fox Puzzle'. If there ever was such a thing, it'd be in the top right most playing area. Either way, really made my day. Thanks so much for playing! I love hearing players speculate and try to figure things out like this. Maybe, but nothing definitive just yet. Really great mixture of exploration, resource collecting and survival. Quite impressive that this is "just" a game jam project.

Satan Wears Leather

As for this version, what about a Hard Mode? Where the devil doesn't help you with collecting wood but rather burns it. Where animals get scared and run away when they hear a gunshot. And where carrying a water bucket makes you a little slower. Just some ideas. I enjoyed playing! Thanks so much! And ouch, that sounds like a nasty bug.

Thanks for letting me know, I'll get on that as soon as I can. If you close the game, and continue your save file, does that fix the bug?

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Awesome, I'm glad the bug didn't completely ruin your game! I'll try my best to find a fix for that! ITS really a interesting survival game.

The Fire, the Sword and the Devil The Fire, the Sword and the Devil
The Fire, the Sword and the Devil The Fire, the Sword and the Devil
The Fire, the Sword and the Devil The Fire, the Sword and the Devil
The Fire, the Sword and the Devil The Fire, the Sword and the Devil
The Fire, the Sword and the Devil The Fire, the Sword and the Devil
The Fire, the Sword and the Devil The Fire, the Sword and the Devil
The Fire, the Sword and the Devil The Fire, the Sword and the Devil
The Fire, the Sword and the Devil The Fire, the Sword and the Devil

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