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Hence it is paramount for doctors to measure up to the high esteem they are held in by hoi polloi.

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Patients must also understand the diligence and emotional vigor a doctor has to put in. It is not a regular 9 to 5 job. Patients must share their misgivings and woes with the doctor but must refrain from hounding him.

Dear Best Friend...

That is counter-productive and eventually puts the doctor off. Friendship is a two-way process.

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There must be mutual trust and respect between patients and doctors. This is instrumental in effective and fruitful treatment. It also makes the whole process of treatment less cumbersome and stressful. This also leads to long-standing and robust friendships for life. Ajay Murdia, Scientific Director of Indira IVF clinic, is one such munificent and supremely competent doctor who is held in high regards by patients.

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He organizes many camps especially in hinterland of India to educate people about infertility and its solutions. There are a lot of myths which float around about infertility and IVF , hence to eradicate those myths and enlighten people, Dr. Murdia has taken up the cudgels to guide and counsel people from all strata of society so that no one is deprived of the treatment due to lack of knowledge and information. His vast erudition, sturdy commitment, and affable demeanor are instrumental in making India IVF clinic a major to reckon with.

Under the inspirational leadership of Dr. Murdia, it is set to go places and carve out a unique identity for itself.

The Doctor and the Master: the history of a friendship

The stories are dedicated to the memory of Dr. Keith Gilliam and his wonderful wife, Janice Sam Gilliam. I was fortunate enough to spend eight wonderful years learning to be and working as one of his Veterinary Technicians at his Veterinary Hospital in Oklahoma.

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These are just a very few of the hundreds of amazing memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The gift of this marvelous opportunity is without price.

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No two friends have had a more profound impact on my life and my heart. It was hard, but from Doc I finally learned that we couldn't save them all; however, we certainly made a difference to the ones we did. And I will always have the utmost respect for him as a Veterinary Physician and a man.

My Best Friends Doctor My Best Friends Doctor
My Best Friends Doctor My Best Friends Doctor
My Best Friends Doctor My Best Friends Doctor
My Best Friends Doctor My Best Friends Doctor
My Best Friends Doctor My Best Friends Doctor

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