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The Professors of Sweet Sweet Music

This level acts as a tutorial on the movement mechanics, teaching the player how to dive and cancel it in midair, as well as small bit of running up and jumping off the wall. The level will begin Hat Kid on the waterfront, which is at the bottom of the map near the edge.

The Time Piece, however, is near the center of the map at a much higher elevation. Fortunately, it will be visible via an icon on screen. Head toward the icon to find where the Mafia with the time piece is.

'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Hopes 'Miracle' Will Allow Her to Walk Again

There are a few differences between this act and the two before it. For starters, it takes place at night. This causes a new type of enemy to appear; sleeping raccoons that will float in the air until they get close to Hat Kid and drop to the ground, damaging her before floating up again. It's also raining now, and because of this Hat Kid will be wearing a rain coat. But also there will also be several mud puddles around Mafia Town that Hat Kid will trip into, which will cover her in mud.

While covered in mud doesn't change Hat Kid's controls at all, it does change how the Mafia will react to her. Because she's covered from head to toe and running with her arms out, the Mafia will think she's a monster and run from her. If you want to wash off, simply jump into a body of water or use the Ice Hat and Hat Kid will be clean again.

Once you reach the spot where the Time Piece is you'll find the Goofy Mafia,who looks different from the rest; he has a mustache and is wearing glasses and a bow-tie. If Hat Kid talks to him, he'll say he saw Hat Kid's Spaceship , and believes that slimy goopy space aliens are invading the island. To progress Hat Kid needs to be covered in mud and walk up to him, at which point he will believe she is an alien monster and start to run away.

As mentioned above, this part of the game is designed to teach players how to platform, so the first thing the Goofy Mafia does is jump to a floating platform which Hat Girl will need to jump to. If you fail to make this jump, the game will set you back to where you started.

There are also some check points along the way. After making the jump, walk up to him and he'll scream again. Surprise Again! She's a Girl. Past Episodes.

Christian Kama Sutra? Remember how Jill Duggar randomly started giving out sex tips a few weeks ago?

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Except, as it turns out, she doesn't actually believe in it. Despite featuring it prominently on her Instagram, the star doesn't recommend it at all. On this week's episode of 'Dishin' On The Duggars,' we're getting to the bottom of that Christian Kama Sutra and what exactly it does or doesn't mean to the Duggars. It's Girl Central. Jessa Duggar just welcomed her daughter on the latest 'Counting On' special, and now her siblings are preparing to welcome three more little girls of their own.

She Left, Came Back, Then Left Again!

And, most importantly of all, that includes the fact that Derick finally? Congrats are in order all around! Who needs a present on Father's Day when you can get snubbed by the majority of your 19 kids? Though the Duggars were a little busy this year, plenty of them still took to social media to share a tribute to the important dads in their lives? On this week's episode of 'Dishin' On The Duggars,' we're going over who got love and who got snubbed on Father's Day.

If you thought that Jim Bob Duggar was running the show, guess again. Grandma Mary was the real driving force behind the reality TV family, and in honor of her passing, we're paying tribute in our own way. Why is Jill Duggar giving us sex tips?

Listen to She Came Through (Again) by Los Angeles Police Department on

And, more importantly, why can we not look away? On this week's episode of 'Dishin' On The Duggars,' we're breaking down the former 'Counting On' star's latest blog post about how wives can show love for their husbands. What's good advice, what's bad and what's just plain gross? We'll be as thorough with this blog as Jill wants you to be when telling your husband all about your sexual fantasies. Though we were getting a bit burned out there for a minute, we're feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to talk rainbows after the storm?

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Mother's Day Shade? The Duggar fam loves posting gushy social media tributes, but this Mother's Day wasn't as busy as we expected it to be.

She Came Again She Came Again
She Came Again She Came Again
She Came Again She Came Again
She Came Again She Came Again
She Came Again She Came Again
She Came Again She Came Again
She Came Again She Came Again
She Came Again She Came Again
She Came Again She Came Again

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