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We publish: Thrillers, Romance, Paranormal, Science fiction, Horror, and a myriad of combinations thereof. We publish short fiction of most genres erotica and blatantly offensive stuff is not our cup of tea. We also publish written book reviews and accept review copies of indie books for us to review. Authors can submit short stories, poetry, book reviews, essays, serial fictions, ads, even artwork. Participation with the eFiction community also helps submissions being accepted e. Please check out eFiction.

They focus on Indie authors who have no representation or traditional publishing deals, supporting the underdog and coming from underdog status themselves. Subscribe to this blog for updates on what Indie authors can do to sell ebooks. How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks. Jason Matthews' self-pub courses at Udemy and Lynda. We have seeded the ballot with options based on our Recommended Reading List ; this greatly facilitates tallying of results. As always, you are welcome to use the write-in boxes to vote for other titles and nominees not listed, in any category.

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Are you a current subscriber to the magazine? Attention to and debate about disability is still a thing that makes people nervous — as if they feel afraid of giving disability a voice — or more pointedly giving people with disabilities a voice. The silence is noticeable. For example, there is plenty of discussion regarding race from white people, and unlike skin color, most of the able-bodied will have some disability in their lifetime.

It also seems true that in the poetry world you have to insult someone directly or indirectly to get attention - which I did a few years ago when I called out Paul Guest for allowing John Ashbery to refer to Guest as an invalid on his book blurb. All hell broke loose and, evidently, the right to call a person an invalid is something to which people are very attached. I was mortified but also exhilarated over the debate — I found it exciting that poets with disabilities could be seen as not always agreeing, as debating and negotiating what is meant by a disability or what it means to be a person with a disability.

Rather, poetics, writing, and language for that matter are things always in flux and subject to debate. And part of that remarking, the first part, but by no means the simplest, is resisting the silencing of disabled voices in poetry and out in the world. Was it way back in the Sixties when Norman Mailer had a blurb on one of his books — his third novel Deer Park , in fact, that said "Burn this book! I know he collected all the worst blurbs about the book — which received generally negative reviews and plastered them on the back cover.

But that story has always stuck with me. Already having established the well-known and respected online quarterly publication, Prick of the Spindle , Reeser comments: "I started the print edition in part to expand our audience and readership, as well as the scope of what we publish. As a nonprofit, we wish to initiate subscriptions and also to be able to pay our contributors, and the print edition helps us to do both.

Prairie Schooner Winter is a special issue devoted to contemporary Irish writing. Behrendt writes: "Unlike many 'special issues' of journals, this one has not begun with a predetermined narrow list of contributors from whom we solicited the contributions that now appear here. Instead, we have happily welcomed the work of many writers who responded to our general invitation for submissions, and this present issue samples some of the most compelling and vibrant contributions from among this wealth of splendid material.

It represents, then, a cross section of the Irish writing community today, in all its rich diversity. The poetry , fiction, and drama in this issue testify to the enduring themes not just of Irish culturebut indeed of the whole human enterprise. I love it when I find a story I simply cannot turn away from reading, even when I think I should because I think I know where it's going, and especially when I'm wrong and it takes me somewhere unexpected. He leaned against the wood framework smoking a cigarette, loading the gun.

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Smoke circled his head like a halo, and I gently laid the book I was reading into the sheets. Every time he loaded a bullet you could hear the steel snap into the magazine. His mouth moved when he did this It's not long to read, but be ready for it to stay with you for a while.

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The Moth: True Stories Told Live began in as a venue of storytelling in front of a live audience. The Moth Radio Hour, begun in , is now on over radio stations nationwide. There are a number of stories that can be accessed from the web, and The Moth is currently accepting stories to feature on its website. Storytellers are invited to record their one-minute pitch right on The Moth website, or if you have trouble with the online recording gizmo, there is a phone number to call and pitch your story via phone.

All stories must be true - and no cliffhangers. What are your waiting for?

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Black Lantern Publishing - November January 16, That night, at around two a. It is the titillating payoff that you hope for when you read something particularly spooky. Despite my recommendation to my son, this is not a collection intended for children. BLP offers an assortment of haunting contemplations that deal with the subject of death and ushers readers to a darker side of literature.

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Booth - December January 16, Run by the MFA program at Butler University, Booth publishes something every week on their website and has a print publication each spring. I have never seen the print edition, but found the online material quite intriguing. I was especially impressed by their selections of poetry. Palooka - January 16, As most people know, the Silk Road was a many-thousands-of-miles-long trade route linking Asia with the rest of the world in ancient times, a network of land and sea avenues over which civilizations traveled and cultures interfused.

Straylight - Spring January 16, Straylight is pure, enjoyable entertainment. This collection of fiction, poetry, an interview, and visual art is pretty darned amazing. At first glance, the selections may seem disjointed, especially for literary magazine readers who have become accustomed to themed collections, or high literary selections.

eFiction Magazine November 2011

Straylight is just plain fun, and the works that make up this volume are like a colorfully arrayed salad bar where you, Gentle Reader, get to pick the most enticing morsels. Tin House - Fall January 16, A little of this, a little of that, effectively used white space, not over-crowded by images or advertisements, Tin House provides for a generally pleasant read.

Her characters are most definitely of ecstatic stock. Paul Revere's Horse - January 16, The Editor's Note for this issue suggests, "Texts, like lives, are precarious projects. She describes how, "The short story for me is like a mirror that reflects different worlds—worlds that already exist, or worlds that could be or should be. It can sit on your chest. All attention. Bellevue Literary Review - Fall January 16, He described zigzag thoughts, hypersensitive ears, rising frustration, and a positively entertaining rage, in a perfectly modulated eight-year-old voice; he then took us through the process of diagnosis, disastrous prescription of inappropriate meds, and ultimately courageous development of a customized program that enabled him to manage the disorder satisfactorily.

His understated irony, his consistent voice, and the beautifully appropriate imagery made the piece one of the most successful our class has seen this semester.

eFiction Magazine November 2011 EFiction Magazine November 2011
eFiction Magazine November 2011 EFiction Magazine November 2011
eFiction Magazine November 2011 EFiction Magazine November 2011
eFiction Magazine November 2011 EFiction Magazine November 2011
eFiction Magazine November 2011 EFiction Magazine November 2011
eFiction Magazine November 2011 EFiction Magazine November 2011
eFiction Magazine November 2011 EFiction Magazine November 2011
eFiction Magazine November 2011 EFiction Magazine November 2011

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