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Her work reminds me a little of Scratch, by our own Danny Gillan. There is also a sensuality in her writing, a way of describing the physical which is both direct and moving. As for the ending, it comes as a beautiful shock.

Shut Up/Look Pretty: a collection of long short stories by five different women – Grab the Lapels

There is a bleakness to many of these short tales, snapshots of sad relationships, cruel parents, wintry worlds and disillusioned lovers. Each story is perfectly crafted, sharp and hard-edged, and almost every single one is troubling. Not only are her short stories full of ghosts, vampires, decay, and angels, but her language is deep and resonant, as she explores the line between this world and the next. But for all the shadows of the subject matter, there is a lightness of tone, a relish for words which makes stories such as For These Humans Who Cannot Fly more delightful than depressing.

All these writers display real skill, and despite the varying themes and effects, this is a collection to enjoy again and again.

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Apr 14, Ben rated it it was amazing. Female indie writers are underrepresented in indie journals and magazines, but what does that mean, and how is it possible? Because they're out there, and here there may be only five of them, but take a fucking look, these writers should be everywhere, so please do get on that.

May 02, Bill Hsu added it. I never know how many stars to give to anthologies. I really liked Amber Sparks' pieces though. View 1 comment. Oct 20, Kathy rated it it was amazing. Loved this.

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Extremely talented lineup of writers at the top of their form. I hope to write a full review on my blog at some point. Highly recommended! Erica Everett rated it really liked it May 23, Deanne Richards rated it really liked it Feb 23, Joellyn rated it liked it Jan 07, David Cotrone rated it it was amazing Jun 21, Laurel C rated it it was ok Apr 26, Kim Campbell rated it it was amazing Aug 13, Nathan Holic rated it liked it Jun 07, Ryan rated it liked it Oct 27, Ravi rated it it was amazing Jan 27, Youssef Alaoui rated it it was amazing Feb 22, James Adcox rated it it was amazing May 31, Dan Cafaro rated it really liked it Feb 04, Olivia rated it really liked it Jul 01, Lee rated it liked it Dec 22, Christopher rated it it was amazing Jun 23, Roy Weiler rated it it was amazing Apr 19, Laura Ellen rated it it was amazing Oct 20, Roxane rated it it was amazing Oct 18, Patrick Trotti rated it it was amazing Mar 05, Robert Vaughan rated it it was amazing Jan 17, They all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, bringing the broken pieces into a whole.

The ending image smacks the reader in the mouth so hard that it is difficult to discern whether the blood tasted on the tongue is imagined or real. What comes to pass between the narrator and Francis, however, shines a new light on who each young man truly is, and if he will be able to live as himself out in the world.

Shut Up and Be Cute

It tells an old-fashioned story in a unique way, and really brings its characters to life. As a reader, you feel just as helpless as the little girl, and you wish you, too, could make the story end differently.

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They are all relate-able, and are wrought in language so new that it seems Sparks has created her own form of speech. These five stories bring the collection to a complete close, ending on a phantom-like note that lingers in the mind for days to come. And tucking dirty pairs of socks down the side of your bed until you run out is not acceptable any more. What the fuck.

Alternatives like pretending that you are an emotionally and mentally retarded child in order to get laid. Which, handily for me, is exactly what a writer for LovePanky.

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As I have absolutely no doubts that any self-respecting female would be willing to place full trust in a website called LovePanky what does it even mean? Maybe being charming and interesting, but god , that is dull.

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Shut Up/Look Pretty Shut Up/Look Pretty
Shut Up/Look Pretty Shut Up/Look Pretty
Shut Up/Look Pretty Shut Up/Look Pretty
Shut Up/Look Pretty Shut Up/Look Pretty
Shut Up/Look Pretty Shut Up/Look Pretty

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