The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy)

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Irritated texts from his best friend. Eye contact with a nice-looking guy on the train. Finding himself alone in a posh New York City hotel room for the night, Aidan does what any red-blooded seventeen-year-old would do—he tries to hook up with someone new. But that lapse in judgement leads to him waking up next to a dead guy, which sparks an epic case of mistaken identity that puts Aidan on the run from everyone—faceless federal agents, his eccentric family, and, naturally, a cyber-terrorist group who will stop at nothing to find him.

He soon realizes the only way to stop the chase is to deliver the object everyone wants, before he gets caught or killed. But for Aidan, the hardest part is knowing who he can trust not to betray him—including himself. With a narrative voice as witty as his situation is dire, Aidan is a remarkably sympathetic though unlikely action hero.

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Aidan is genre savvy, resourceful, and resilient even as he wrestles with self-doubt and past trauma. Brilliant, darkly funny and heart-wrenching. Two parts rocket fuel, one part moral quandaries, one part laugh-until-your-teeth-ache humor, Swipe Right For Murder is a delicious thrill ride that will keep you riveted until the end. Derek Milman combines explosively propulsive storytelling and razor-sharp wit in this sexy, inventive thriller.

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A truly exciting read. A funny, sexy knockout of a book, and a new pinnacle for page-turning YA for me. A year before Michael Fassbender battled the X-Men, his onscreen magnetism was already on display in this drama, which cast him as the object of affection for both a mom Kierston Wareing and her daughter Katie Jarvis in a poor British suburb. A girl Anna Paquin who just lost her mom learns to raise geese while her sweetly hapless dad Jeff Daniels learns to raise her. Forget the dreadful Mark Wahlberg remake chances are, you already have.

This is a real downward-spiral slice of sweaty New Hollywood death-wish antiheroism with James Caan as a college professor with a big-time betting problem.

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The ending is haunting and note-perfect. In his hauntingly poetic debut, writer-director David Gordon Green Pineapple Express tracks a group of working class kids in rural North Carolina. Every gorgeous frame, every line of dialogue, feels fresh and revelatory. Richard Gere plays a professor who adopts a lost Akita puppy who turns out to be the most loyal dog ever, especially after tragedy strikes.

Is he mentally unhinged or telling the truth? When a love story is this beautiful and weird, does it even matter? Now, that was dumb.

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  • Rochester Michael Fassbender. Before Stanley Kubrick became Stanley Kubrick , he brought his exacting eye to this Swiss watch-precise and much-imitated heist flick about a group of desperate, seedy crooks who plan a racetrack robbery as elaborate as a jigsaw puzzle. Sterling Hayden, Elisha Cook Jr. Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington play a New York couple who, over the course of one night, face temptation — she with an old flame who might be her soul mate Guillaume Canet and he with a colleague Eva Mendes. The story is mature, the direction by Massy Tadjedin expert, and the acting superb.

    It might take a few viewings to sort out the plot, in which a London drug dealer Craig gets lost in a labyrinth of double crosses. The movie takes us perilously close to the terror and tragedy of her experience. In doing so, it captures, withextraordinary intensity, why sex trafficking has become one of the definingcrimes of our era.

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    With an impressive young cast including Anne-Marie Duff Nowhere Boy , the amazingly true story will shock, outrage, and eventually inspire you. Director Bong Joon-ho would go on to make the it-came-from-the-Han-River creature feature The Host , but this slow-simmering dead-end mystery is his real monster movie. An astronaut Sam Rockwell has been in space for three years when his health mysteriously starts to deteriorate around the same time as he meets a healthy version of himself also Sam Rockwell at his lunar station. Somehow, J.

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    Despite glowing reviews and a big marketing push by MTV Films, this Oscar-nominateddocumentary about paraplegic rugby players never expanded beyond 97 theaters. Like the gladiatorial wheelchairs wielded by these aggressive athletes, the film packs an unexpected wallop. The intensity of teenage love, in this case between two girls on the Yorkshire moors, has rarely been captured more knowingly and sensually. And what a stunning debut for both actresses! Meet the amazing Natalie Press, with thefreckled allure of a young Sissy Spacek, and the then-unknown Emily Blunt as the posh half of the duo.

    Hope Davis gives an adorably exasperated performance as a lonely-heart Boston nurse looking for Mr. Right after getting dumped. The setup is sitcom simple, but the film sidesteps obvious Sex and the City single-girl stereotypes for something smarter and more honest. It should come as a surprise to no one that Guillermo Del Toro is developing a remake. Echoing Vertigo and prefiguring the psychological identity games of Black Swan , this schizoid-thriller about a pop star with a murderous stalker dives into the murky depths of mental illness, fame, and obsession, where reality and fantasy intermingle.

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    A cat burglar Denis Leary holds an unhappily married couple Judy Davis and Kevin Spacey captive in their suburban Connecticut home during the holidays. Actor Christian Bale and director Werner Herzog are both known for going to extremes for their work. Put the two together in this incredible-but-true survival story of a downed combat pilot who escaped a brutal Laotian prison camp during the Vietnam War, and the result is a kind of gonzo art-house Rambo movie, as harrowing as it is thrilling. Featuring a cast of rising stars like Jessica Biel and Kate Bosworth, Attraction also boasts a standout performance by Ian Somerhalder as a literally bed-hopping bisexual student.

    The Gravenhurst Opera House... a tradition worth coming back for.
    The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy) The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy)
    The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy) The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy)
    The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy) The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy)
    The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy) The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy)
    The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy) The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy)
    The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy) The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy)
    The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy) The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy)
    The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy) The Coming of Derek (a quirky comedy)

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