Still To Winter: Another Side to Love

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The intent of this policy is to equitably distribute the potential hardships of snow and ice removal from plowing operations. As of January 2, Happy New Year! In advance of the snowstorm and in the midst of extremely cold weather on Tuesday and Wednesday, please review the following important information in preparation for this weather. Below are additional tips and important information to be aware of during extreme cold. If you have non-emergency questions or concerns, you can contact at any time of the day or night, in any of the following ways:.

Please submit website feedback using this form. Be sure to include:. Winter Guide. Home Winter Guide. Snow Emergency Policies, Procedures, and Tips. Off-Street Parking Map. Snow Policies and Procedures A snow emergency may be declared whenever four or more inches of snow are predicted. Community members are urged to subscribe to this system to receive updated information about these and other important messages from the City. Local media: Information is distributed to local and regional print, radio and TV news media for posting to their sites.

Another unusually warm winter forecast for Alaska

Social media: Postings on City social media feeds, including: Facebook: www. When lit, a snow emergency is in effect. Call if you have questions. Check on neighbors in need before, during, and after the storm!

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In particular, be aware that over the last week as temperatures have been extremely cold, your neighbors in need may not have been able to make it outdoors and to the grocery store or to pick up necessary medications and supplies. Prepare now for a potential blizzard amid record cold. Though this storm is not currently predicted to bring more inches of snow, blizzard conditions are expected.

Of course, the forecast is always subject to change, but, in light of the extreme cold, it is best to be prepared. Make sure you have food and water to last several days. Check your heating systems, and make sure to leave the heat set to at least 60 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing. It also helps to keep faucets dripping to prevent frozen pipes. Prepare to shovel…safely! Be reminded that the City of Somerville requires that sidewalks abutting your property must be shoveled within 6 daylight hours of the end of any snowfall to ensure safe passage for others. This week, it is predicted that snowfall will be accompanied by extremely cold temperatures, meaning that unshoveled snow will quickly turn to ice.

This will create difficult conditions, but clearing sidewalks is of the utmost importance to prevent hazards to others including our school children. So please make sure you have sufficiently warm clothing and snow clearing supplies now ahead of the storm.

still in love / original song for winter

Do not attempt to shovel everything all at once. Rather, remain outside only for a few minutes at a time. Please avoid leaving any skin, including your face, exposed in extreme cold. Safety Tips Stay dry and change clothing is it gets wet. Dress in layers, and cover as much exposed skin as possible. Drink warm liquids and water to stay hydrated. Avoid getting gasoline or alcohol on your skin while de-icing and fueling your car or using a snow blower. These materials in contact with the skin greatly increase heat loss from the body.

Know where your electricity, gas, and water switches and valves are located and how to shut them off. You may need to turn off water pipes if your pipes freeze or burst. If possible, consider having a safe backup like a fireplace, wood stove, or space heater in case your heat goes out. Check that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working and have fresh batteries. Minimize time outside, even for pets. Follow all safety precautions if using space heaters and DO NOT use a stove or oven as a heat source.

If using an extension cord for a space heater, make sure it is rated for the appliance. Do not use space heaters as a primary heat source. Make sure space heaters are turned off when you go to bed or leave the house. Keep anything that could burn at least three feet from space heaters. Keep in mind that drying Christmas trees can pose a fire hazard and space heaters should not be used near them.

Winter Guide | City of Somerville

If your pipes freeze, remove any insulation, pour hot water over them or wrap them with towels soaked in hot water, and completely open all faucets. You can also use a hairdryer, with caution, to thaw pipes. Never use an open flame to thaw pipes. If you cannot locate or resolve a frozen pipe, call a licensed plumber. Watch for signs of cold-related health concerns like frostbite and hypothermia and call immediately for any emergencies. Additional Resources Social Feed. Snow Removal Assistance. The result appears to be stuck weather patterns, and not just in the Arctic and Alaska.

Sea ice, when it is present, reflects solar energy, an effect called albedo. When ice is absent, dark ocean surfaces absorb heat. Changes in terrestrial snow cover also feed into the cycle, allowing solar radiation to be retained as heat instead of reflected on land too, Francis said.

Emmys Issue Portfolio: Sophie Turner, Bill Hader, and More of TV’s Busiest Actors on Hiatus

Clouds that form over warmer ocean and land areas trap heat in cold seasons, and the dynamic of cloud formation itself releases heat into the atmosphere, she said. Effects of northern warming, like enhanced wildfires that emit smoke carried around the circumpolar north , and northward-advancing dark vegetation , stimulate more heat and melt, as was seen dramatically in in Greenland. If Arctic amplification is skewing the jet stream, some potential results include the " Ridiculously Resilient Ridge ," a phenomenon named and studied by Stanford University scientist Daniel Swain , that has kept California and the West Coast hot and dry; stagnant air that intensifies hazy air pollution in eastern China, a condition directly linked by Chinese scientists to reduced Arctic sea ice ; extreme heat events in the mid-latitudes ; and, most famously in U.

East Coast population centers, the past few deep-freeze winter chills attributed to a persistent Polar Vortex. One prominent sea ice expert, however, has yet to be convinced that Arctic warming is driving larger global weather patterns. There is no question that the reduced sea ice affects weather regionally, as ocean heat that has built up over the summer gets released back to the atmosphere over places like Alaska's North Slope, Serreze said, pointing to dramatic temperature increases in autumn , the season on minimal ice.

There is also no question that the Earth is warming as a whole, and that this year -- thanks in part to El Nino -- will be another hot one, Serreze said.

But he has yet to be convinced that Arctic changes carry enough punch high enough into the troposphere to affect mid-latitude weather. It could be that the Arctic is more affected by the rest of the world, and "the sea ice is just kind of the tail of the dog" affected by warming elsewhere, not causing warming elsewhere, he said. Researchers expect it will take many more years of study to determine conclusively whether Arctic warming is actually changing the jet stream and weather patterns far south of the region. For now, climatologists say, plenty of other factors are pointing to warmer-than-normal conditions in the months to come.

All is not doom and gloom for fans of snowy Alaska winters, however. While temperatures may be warmer than normal, "That doesn't mean it's going to be another inch snow year in Anchorage," Thoman said. And a positive Pacific Decadal Oscillation could quickly become negative, the scientists say.

El Ninos are generally followed by cold La Ninas, they say. Plus, uncertainties and day-to-day fluctuations can tip weather patterns, they say. Subscribe Customer Service. All content. Alaska News Earthquake. Alaska Life We Alaskans. Alaska Marijuana News. Arts and Entertainment TV Listings. Opinions Editorials. Politics Alaska Legislature. Sports National Sports.

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Still To Winter: Another Side to Love Still To Winter: Another Side to Love
Still To Winter: Another Side to Love Still To Winter: Another Side to Love
Still To Winter: Another Side to Love Still To Winter: Another Side to Love
Still To Winter: Another Side to Love Still To Winter: Another Side to Love
Still To Winter: Another Side to Love Still To Winter: Another Side to Love
Still To Winter: Another Side to Love Still To Winter: Another Side to Love

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