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The African tribe of Dogon also worshipped the Sirius star and they knew before modern science caught on that there was a Sirius B Star and a Sirius C star. Robert Temple revealed this knowledge in his book and the scientific community did not take him seriously in fact many big time organizations gave him a real rough time. His basic thesis is that several thousand years ago Aliens came from a planet that was from the Sirius star system and visited the planet Earth.

They were amphibious in nature resembling the appearance of mermaids. It is from them that we get some of our earliest achievements, like building the pyramids and mapping the Arctic Circle before science even knew what it looked like without ice. These amphibious aliens existed in the water at night and then returned to their water chamber at night. We cannot duplicate some of this stuff today.. Some would speculate that it was all Aliens, some would say that we are not giving ancient man enough credit.

Others would say that there were human civilizations going further back in time than we realize. Some would say that Atlantis was such a civilization and then it was destroyed by some cataclysm. Robert Temple rejects all that. He has his own theory and it does sound pretty plausible especially when he shows you direct quotes from Ancient Historians that describe the merman like nature of Oannes , who came from the sea and enlightened mankind.

Whether or not I buy into his theory is a big question, but I do know there are lots of planets, galaxies an star systems out there so there is a good possibility that there is life on other planets an it certainly is possible they have contacted mankind. It still need to see more proof. Could it have ben that these mermen were natural inhabitant of this planet, an in between phase between amphibian and mankind.?

Could be. Robert Temple does not claim that his theory is percent correct as it is just a theory. I will tell you one thing though , he has found a way to show his reader that all these ancient philosophies and religions come from a common source and he draws those connections extremely well. Whether you are into Ancient Alien theories or not this is one awesome book, View all 4 comments. Sep 10, Bkrepp rated it it was amazing. Yes I do like this sort of thing. There's a tribe in Africa, the Dogon's who can recount the planets and others stars surrounding the star Sirius. The information the Dogon's have has been passed down from generation to generation.

There's more to the book than just this. Good read, again if you like this sort of book. Everyone should read this,looks like a typical airy fairy new age book and I was reluctant to dive in, but when I did I realised there are fundamental and obvious scientific facts we don't get told about our existence. Nov 29, Tim rated it did not like it. Absolute bullshit. View all 5 comments. Jun 22, John Bentley rated it it was amazing. This is a brilliant book on mans' connection with the stars and other worlds condemned as being without evidence, but then so have been many sci-fi books which have paved the way with far out concepts which have come true.

Sure the book is speculative but much of the information make one think seriously about our place in the universe and that we may freely travel in it with its other members if we only have the intelligence to do so. View 1 comment. Jul 28, Derek Baldwin rated it really liked it. May 22, Maxime Rolaz rated it really liked it.

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Never mind the alien theory, this book is really enjoyable. Robert Temple here puts the finger on some absolutely crucial information: Sirius related symbolism which, so far as I know, was at the core of Egyptian mythology. As mentioned already I found his alien theory a bit harebrained, although I wo Never mind the alien theory, this book is really enjoyable. As mentioned already I found his alien theory a bit harebrained, although I wouldn't discard it as being complete nonsense. In my opinion he interprets some of his sources far too literally fish-tailed gods as real physical ET's , which I find surprising for a scholar of his intelligence and calibre.

What I liked though, is the flow of his writing, his sense of humour and his conclusions concerning the meaning of the Giza Sphinx. A definitive classic in comparative mythology. Mar 19, Sam Hendrick rated it liked it. Here he was looking to hard the connection of the data and not just sticking to the facts. Break out your dictionaries and mythology books and anc neat ideas presented here but it goes off subject with toomuch heavy data and what if's.

Break out your dictionaries and mythology books and ancient maps to follow along for this adventure. If you believe Homo Sapiens is likely to arrived on Earth via an alien race and want some seriously intelligent and imaginative evidence for it then this is the exceptional book for you. Many people, including the great DNA scientist Francis Crick hold the same views as explained in the novel The Royal Secret and that humanity has the means to return from whence it came. This book maybe speculative but it if so it is brilliantly done. Maybe it's my pea brain but I found this book to be muddled and confusing.

Just when Mr. Temple gets on to a great point, he goes off on some tangent and loses my interest. He's a bit of a name dropper and likes to pat himself on the back. That said, it does pose some great questions about the mysterious antiquities of our planet and origins. Do the Dogons hold the key? I had a lot of fun with this book. It's great to suspend disbelief and imagine that there really is a civilization out there.

Aside from this, the value of works like this is that they bring out many things for which we have no answer. Academia needs to address itself to the Dogon and not simply wave their mythology off - vacuums have a way of being filled up. Jul 28, Anna rated it really liked it. This is a very interesting book. It goes too many details time to time but still it is very intriguing. At the end of the book, Mr. Temple is talking about how a member of the Masons approached him and showed their interest in his research.

If there is another Masonic group in the Sirius system, we are really doomed.

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Jul 21, Dan rated it it was ok Shelves: unreliablereference. Mostly notable in that it is not as bad as Von Danniken. I borrowed this from Doc like 6 years ago and read it but I just found it at a used book store and I'm gonna read it again cause I don't remember if I'm convinced or not.

Nov 01, Derek Stover rated it really liked it. Dec 26, Christopher rated it really liked it.

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A great book about the possibility of alien contact in prehistoric human civilizations. May 25, Chloe rated it liked it. Fun ideas. I always enjoy playing "what if? Enjoyed it. Sep 16, Malia rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery. Alot of reseach, text not many pictures. This is a thinking book. I like that it is updated thru time.

Technology is proof to the pudding. Who really knows? Apr 18, Kat Hardy rated it did not like it Shelves: 4th-year. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book was awful. While it appears to be a work of real academic scholarship, it is anything but. Not to mention many of his other sources such as, Robert Graves, have also been discredited in the academic community.

The Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago

The claims made by Temple are simply ridiculous as he confuses probability with plausibility throughout his novel. The connections he makes between the ancient civili This book was awful. The connections he makes between the ancient civilizations of Egypt with Sumer as well as Ancient Greece are written in such a confusing manner to make them appear credible or factual but when closely examined are simply ridiculous. I do not normally review books if I do not like them but this is an exception. I am choosing to believe that this book has only been given such a high rating because everyone reviewed it as a work of fiction and in no way could possibly believe any of the well camouflaged lies.

Feb 26, Hades. The book doesn't talk just about the tribe in question, but parallels the Egypt mitology - wich irritated me because it wasn't my focus, but it gave me a new perspective.

The "Sons of God" that Came to Earth from Sirius

I don't deny, was a hard read for me and sometimes - long times - I got caught up in daydreams. I point out this book to anyone who appreciates mythology, astronomy and African civilizations. If you just want to read 3. If you just want to read some "conspiracy theories", you'll like Dan Brown.

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Mar 07, J. Sedivy rated it really liked it. This book provides a discussion on the Dogon tribe and how they possessed knowledge of the stars Sirius A, B, and C; something that should have been impossible given their level of technology and development. In addition there is a significant discussion on myth and how many of the worlds original myths tend to derive from Sirius.

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The Sirius Mystery is well researched and overall a fascinating read however it can be a deep read it times. If you're interested in the mysteries surrounding Sirius th This book provides a discussion on the Dogon tribe and how they possessed knowledge of the stars Sirius A, B, and C; something that should have been impossible given their level of technology and development. If you're interested in the mysteries surrounding Sirius then it's worth the effort! Jan 30, Deb rated it it was ok.

I had read a lot of this years ago. Kind of a refresher book for me but still interesting.

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I would recommend it if you have not read much about the Dogon tribe of Africa, ancient Egypt or Sumeria or Babylon. May 17, James Miller rated it it was amazing. Several Sirius employees signed a certificate naming Ira Graves as " humanoid of the year" in gratitude for his contributions to the Proxima Centauri Interplanetary Bowling League and also their marching band. Sirius Cybernetics had an office at location on Starbase Deep Space 9 , as listed on a Promenade directory map. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , set artwork.


Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Sirius Cybernetics Corporation in the text of the Treaty of Armen The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation was a company which designed and manufactured components for cybernetic research in the Federation , working with Starfleet Command. TNG : " Conspiracy " Some executives of Sirius Cybernetics ended up in hospital along with many of the lawyers involved in drafting the Treaty of Armens.



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